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Saturday, July 19, 2008


uberly so. Not really.

Kind of a bit of both.

Once there was a bear
Who sat upon a chair
and into the chamber
he went and turned left
to come right under the stair!

Attend the meeting today!
The secret of all of Bombay!
The third party commies
of Canada, State
will, all of them, cheer, hooray!

The main concern on their sheet
of all of the things nice and neat,
was national health care
but in Canada Sate,
they realize it's gotta be beat!

Bowling, away they do fly!
Into the corporal sky!
Join the team
Bowl your dreams!
Bowling, my, oh, my!


Comments Anonymous fbi said...

this has been noted.

12:36 AM, August 05, 2008

Comments Blogger Sam said...

whoa i didnt notice this

1:31 PM, August 29, 2008


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