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Thursday, January 01, 2009

...July? What is wrong with us?

We abandoned this ship in the middle of an interplanetary defense scouting mission.

We had little choice, of course. It was either give up the ship or hand over the onion rings.

Before we did both, we laced the onion rings with coke.

As you can see, this blog is no longer child-friendly.

By coke, we meant coca-cola.

Pronounced in Hebrew, that's "Coca-cola".

But anyway, so long story short there should be some pretty ticked-off aliens with bad breath high on a soft drink visiting a convenience store near you.

Yeah, we know, we've lost our humor.

It's somewhere in the back, in between our wit and our puns. One of us is sick, and the other one was never really funny in the first place.

But aliens are classic, right? We're all like, "Oh, spontaneity! What should it be?" "Aliens!"

I think there's a blog post about that, but if we never broke our own rules, would we be as adorable?


We're never adorable.

Pronounced "ah-door-ah-blay", followed by "flew-ho"

Adorable, flujo, cosmico! Tu yo soy en raiz y constelacion!

I'm missing a few accents. So sue me.

Sue me! What can you do to me!

If you wind up in jail, don't come to me to bail you out. :-(

Story time!

"The Warrior of Stronghold 2"

There was once a mighty warrior that was defending his SECOND stronghold. He used a dragon design on his armor to confuse his enemies. While they were all "Whoa, your dragon armor is awesome!" he ran towards them and sliced them in half with his lance. While they died, they screamed in pain "We're dead, but your dragon is still awesome!"

While protecting his crazy awesome SECOND stronghold, the peasants became annoyed. When no one came to attack the castle, the mighty warrior had to use a "firmer touch" to "control the peasants". Torture chambers were placed underneath everyone's house.

True to the fashion of the time (1777) the peasants rebelled in an alarming anti-Mighty Warrior rebellion.


Saturday, July 19, 2008


uberly so. Not really.

Kind of a bit of both.

Once there was a bear
Who sat upon a chair
and into the chamber
he went and turned left
to come right under the stair!

Attend the meeting today!
The secret of all of Bombay!
The third party commies
of Canada, State
will, all of them, cheer, hooray!

The main concern on their sheet
of all of the things nice and neat,
was national health care
but in Canada Sate,
they realize it's gotta be beat!

Bowling, away they do fly!
Into the corporal sky!
Join the team
Bowl your dreams!
Bowling, my, oh, my!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

They're Here

The hellish glow emanates from the building
A deep red, fiery, glow

They expect us to walk in willingly
Carefree, prepared, even "happy"

They want us to sit for hours
Answering, writing, scribbling.

We ask why this torture must be thrust upon us
Like a whip to a horse

Treated like slaves
We listen and obey

The question falls back to why
Why do we listen and obey?

'Cause if we fail the finals
we're screwed. XD

Friday, February 29, 2008

The Maeve Speaketh

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Monday, January 21, 2008

Ode to Midterms

In response to nerdjedi's single popped dimension...I popped TWO! Behold, the twice-popped-dimension Escher Cube! Read below for my Ode to Midterms.

Chem, Euro, Spanish, Lit,
Add in some math a bit,
Study, study, study fit
it into the schedule.

Quantum theory confuses me,
Not so much molarity,
Add some sig figs to be
as annoying as possible.

Greece and Rome to Louis Fourteen,
Feudal lords and vassals unseen,
Ninja turtles artists mean
study the renaissance, too.

El chubasco va a venir,
La piramide va a subir,
Y yo va a exigir
a estudiar el programa.

Hawthorne's A is a symbol,
Abigail tries to lead a crucible,
The Transcendalists nimble
essays are totally from the 60's.

Algebra is a pain,
Graphing another plane,
Find the speed of the train
with matrix equations.

Chem, Euro, Spanish, Lit,
Add in some math a bit,
As much studying that can fit
still leads you to hell.

Friday, January 11, 2008


To keep up with the times and in the spirit of 2008, "The Irrelevance of the Universe" will run a trial vlog post. Unfortunately, I don't have a video camera. Eh, we'll make do. (Click to enlarge)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Missed Us?

Jeez, we've been neglecting this. We should probably post something.