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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Lack of Posts

Due to lack of posts, I have decided to randomly ban Maeve from posting to further create a lack of posts. When you see this, Maeve, edit it to include something that bans me from posting, that way we are both banned from posting. When we come up with an agreement (such as me cowering to your will) we'll have a third party un-ban us. Sound like a plan?

Maeve, you are officially banned from posting anything new. You may only edit this post.

Watch her completely ignore this and slap me or something. :-)


Edit: Jeff, you are officially NOT banned from posting. I take this opportunity to take a (further) posting hiatus. Finish my brilliant post-in-progress yourself. :-P


Edit of the Edit: What do you mean I'm not banned from posting and have to finish your post?! That's mean!! :-( Oh, this is a way so you don't have to finish it yourself, isn't it?


Edit of the Edit of the Edit: It might be, but you have to admit, you set yourself up for it.


Edit of the Edit of the Edit of the Edict: Edict? I forget what that means. (interruption by Maeve) Can I list a bunch of synonyms? (back to Jeff) I didn't realize I had say in it. ([interruption by Maeve]^2) If you're going to get all mathematical about it... I say this to Jeff(r[e{y}]): edict = proclaimation/decree (political type thingy). (back to Jeff) Your mathematical version of my name implies that Jeff is multiplied by r times e times y. Wouldn't it be added? (Maeve punches me off) I am dangerously close to your wounded arm for such talk, boy. And, um... yeah, I guess. (Jeff submits) Maeve is now officially allowed to post whatever she wants and I shall finish that post that she wanted me to finish. (Maeve) I wasn't even going for that, but okay. You should probably get on that; give the people what they want while I... um... don't.
(Jeff) And people say this is a patriarchal society...

Thursday, December 28, 2006

An Apology

My comments earlier seem to have offended people, which was not my intent. I apologize to anyone offended. It was meant as such an insulting, offending, ridiculous comment that it's funny that someone could even think something like that, sort of like "Monty Python". I understand the definition in the beginning was very insulting without any background. It was a reference to Christian Terrorists, who are...well, the name implies what they do. It is in no way a reference to the majority of Christians, whom I respect. I also understand that many people thought this was directed to them personally, or something of the case. This was not the effect I intended. The entire paragraph was intended as a ridiculously obnoxious false generalization. Also, to clear up any misunderstanding, the comments posted were in no way a reflection of my own views.


Monday, December 25, 2006

Chinese Food and a Movie

Yes, I know it's been forever. I'm sorry that I haven't posted in awhile. I'm sorry Maeve hasn't posted in awhile. Maeve is too busy to care that either of us hasn't posted in awhile. I'm too busy to care that Maeve is too busy to care that either of us hasn't posted in awhile. ToddD is too lazy to care that I'm too busy to care that Maeve is too busy to care that either of us hasn't posted in awhile. I'm not sorry that we both haven't posted together in awhile, 'cause those things are really creepy. :-)

Note: The following is very stereotypical. I can get away with it 'cause I'm Jewish, so remember this isn't meant to insult.

Someone came up to me on Friday and said "What are you going to do on Monday? Eat Chinese and see a movie?" Truthfully, I responded "Yes." There was a pause. "Oh, I didn't realize you guys actually did that!"

I think the funniest thing about this is that most people pass this off as a stereotype (it is) and that it's not true. Well, the second part couldn't be more wrong. Obviously there are some Jews that don't go to Chinese food and see a movie (they're crazy) but I'll put it in perspective for you.

Last year, my family was walking into a Chinese restaurant. It was actually fairly busy. When we looked around to see who was in there, we saw almost half our synagogue there. Just for the heck of it, we went over to talk to some of them. The conversation:

"Hi! How are you?"
"Good. [insert junk here] What are you doing today?"
"Oh, I thought that I'd see a movie."

I'm tempted to go in today and shout "Shalom!" and see how many people shout back. Now all we have to do is pick the movie...

Friday, December 08, 2006

In Taberna

Not to outdo Tim(bo) (I am) here is "In Taberna" with the Bob Opera Company.

Click here to watch it. Kudos to Tim(bo) for various things, such as making it smaller so I can post it.

And with much ado about nothi

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


I had In Taberna ready to put up here...but it's so big that I'm having trouble doing anything with it. I'm (attempting) to send it to Tim, who will (when he gets it) post it on his blog, as his computer is not a Sony and actually works. No, he has no idea that he is doing this yet. I'm waiting for him to read this post. Aren't I so evil? >:-) So, 'till then you'll have to read this post over and over again.